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MoonGoddess Sisterhood Journey

Learn the Art of Personal Moon Magic in my upcoming program beginning April 10, 2023. In this program I share my passion for Yoga, Art, and Astrology.

You only have to stand under the R A D I A N C E of the moon on a dark starry night to feel her power. The tides ebb and flow with her waxing and waning ~ as do our monthly cycles.

Our emotions also come in waves with the cycles of the moon. Who hasn’t felt the primal stirring of a Full Moon or the deep inner quiet during a New Moon?

Since ancient times, women have intuitively felt the Moon’s Power. Today let us remember that we can embrace the power of the moon to connect to our intuition, our heart, and the natural cycles of the world around us.

For more details regarding MoonGoddess Sisterhood Journey message me or schedule a free discovery call with me to see if this program is for YOU!

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